Blake Langermann

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Blake Langermann


Blake Langermann is one of the primary protagonists of Outlast 2.


Blake Langermann is a cameraman and supposed journalist who, along with his wife Lynn Langermann, has arrived in Arizona to investigate the murder of a Jane Doe.


Blake is a cameraman who is apparently a journalist of some kind. He is an adult male, and seems to be well-built and athletic. He appears to have fair skin. He requires glasses, suggesting that he has a sight disorder. He wears a green rolled up jacket, tan pants, and dark combat boots.


Blake is athletic, much like Miles Upshur and Waylon Park, and can easily clear obstructions. He can also flee relatively quickly, which is useful given his situation. He can hold his breath for a good amount of time, as he often is forced into water to hide from his pursuers, but unlike miles and waylon he is voiced.


  • "Jesus. Lynn, no!"
  • "Okay we're good"
  • "Is anybody there? Please?"
  • "We lost the engine. Fuck.Fuck!"
  • "Hello? I'm lost... and hurt."
  • "Who's...?"
  • "Oh, God..."
  • "Lynn? Lynn?! Lynn?! LYNN!"