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Chris Walker

Death By
Ex-Military, US Army

6'9" (207 cm)

Appears In

Chris Walker is a recurring antagonist that is obsessed with finding and destroying Miles Upshur. An incredibly large and powerful Variant, Chris Walker is larger, stronger and more brutal than any other inmate. He is voiced by Chimwewe Miller.


Chris Walker is said in a patient document to have a "predominant fixation" with "manic exaggeration of military security protocol", likely as a result of his previous tours of duty in Afghanistan as part of a military police unit. After tearing the flesh from his forehead (which he claims gives him better and truer vision), he continued to remove his nose and lips in a manifestation of extreme anxiety. He is incredibly dangerous and is responsible for the deaths of much of the security guard detail, as well as many of the brutally murdered patients throughout the game. He seems to be attempting to contain The Walrider by killing potential hosts, in opposition to Father Martin who is attempting to unleash it.

He is considered by some fans of the game to be a "hidden protagonist" in Outlast, due to the fact that he is attempting to contain the Walrider and prevent it being unleashed upon the world. As such, while he is very much an antagonist to Miles Upshur, he could at the same time be considered a protagonist of sorts to the world at large.

Appearance & Overview

Chris Walker is a very large and imposing figure, standing at almost seven feet tall with a very burly, muscular build. He is also incredibly strong, being able to easily lift up and throw a grown adult with one hand, as well as rip someone's head from their body with pulling force alone. He is very agile for his size, nearly as quick as Miles Upshur and is also capable of quickly vaulting over waist-high obstacles. Unlike most of the common Variants, Chris seems to be somewhat intelligent, employing military style tracking to locate Miles in the dark; he is also heard communicating a basic understanding of the goings on in the asylum, suggesting he has retained some measure of sanity and awareness. Pairing his love of beheading with his almost pathological obsessions, he keeps various trophies of his victims and delights in their display.

In Game


Chris Walker is first encountered by Miles Upshur in a corridor above the main hall, where he sneaks up on and ambushes Miles, picking him up and throwing him through the atrium window in an attempt to kill him. After this fails, Miles meets Father Martin for the first time. Throughout the game, Chris makes many more appearances and seems to be actively tracking both Martin and Miles across the asylum so that he can finally kill them. Near the end of the game in the underground lab, Chris finally does manage to corner Miles and is about to finish him off, but is attacked and brutally murdered by The Walrider seconds before he can do so.

Outlast: Whistleblower

Chris Walker makes a brief appearance in the Whistleblower DLC, and is encountered by Waylon Park in the Prison Block's radio room, just after his confrontation with Jeremy Blaire, who was attempting to strangle Waylon but was scared off when he heard Walker approaching. Walker then smashes into the room and begins to pursue Waylon through a few of the prison corridors, until Waylon is able to escape by climbing through an open window and into a courtyard below. After this, he is not seen again for the remainder of the DLC.


Chris Walker's dialogue is often violent and laced with dehumanizing terms like "pig" or "rat".

"Maintain opsec. Fall back... can't... wait... shhh."
"Little pig!"
"I'm coming. You won't have to kill yourself. I'll make the pain stop."
"Come out."
"Still close, still close."
"Hello, pig."
"Where...? Fuck."
"I'll find you sometime."
"We have to contain it."
"I just... want to help you."
"Patience, cornerstone of enhanced interrogation, endurance of the man asking questions, not the subject. We will have truth."
"On point."
"I hear a little rat."
"...One to bleed."
"You were here, weren't you? Little Pig. I'll find all you whores."
"Little pig, little pig. No more escape."
"Now go home and get your shine box!"