Eddie Gluskin

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Eddie Gluskin
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September 17, 2013
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Eddie Gluskin is a Variant and antagonist to Waylon Park in the Whistleblower DLC expansion to Outlast.


Eddie Gluskin was a misogynistic serial killer who killed and mutilated women prior to being admitted to Mount Massive. Before that, it is suggested that he was sexually abused as a child by both his father and uncle. This explains a lot about his activity in Whistleblower.



Eddie first appears at the start of the DLC, being forcibly escorted to the Morphogenic Engine while Waylon Park performs repairs on the pods. He briefly breaks free and runs up to Waylon, banging on the glass and begging him for help. He is then forced into one of the pods and experimented on. Waylon can see Eddie momentarily later on as he stalks other Variants. Later in the Vocational Block, he is seen pushing his face against the door glass and smiling, his face noticeably scarred from the earlier experiments. He then begins to appear more often, chasing Variants and mutilating them. He has misogynistic tendencies, mutilating Variants in order to castrate men and make them his "ideal woman". He is trying to do this to "create a bride" for himself, and as such, he labels himself "The Groom". He begins to relentlessly pursue Waylon, stating that he will be the perfect bride.

Waylon escapes by jumping onto a maintenance ladder in an elevator shaft, but the ladder collapses and Waylon falls down the shaft, injuring his right ankle and reducing his mobility for the remainder of the game. Eddie considers this an attempted suicide and is greatly insulted by this, believing that Waylon would rather die than be with him. Regardless, he soon continues his pursuit of Waylon and corners him down a corridor, forcing Waylon to hide in a locker in the next room. However, Waylon is found by Eddie, who then traps him in the locker and sedates him with sleeping gas.

Waylon wakes up in Eddie's "workshop" where he conducts his castrations and witnesses Eddie brutally castrating two other captured Variants before losing consciousness again. He awakes to find himself strapped to the table, naked, for his own mutilation. As Eddie prepares to saw off his genitals with a large buzz saw, a Variant suddenly appears and assaults Eddie, breaking part of the table and allowing Waylon to break free. Waylon then quickly gets dressed, grabs his camera and flees whilst Eddie chases the Variant. Eddie, however, soon returns his focus to Waylon again, and Waylon is forced to leap through a second story window to the ground below to escape him, further injuring his leg in the process.

Waylon then has to return to the area to find a key for the Male Ward, and Eddie resumes his pursuit of Waylon throughout the block. Eddie eventually captures Waylon again, beating him down and dragging him into a large sports hall, filled with dozens of his previous victims hanging from the ceiling. He then wraps a noose around Waylon's neck, telling him that Waylon had "betrayed" him. As he attempts to hang Waylon with the rest of his victims, Waylon struggles and causes the rigging system to break, launching Eddie upwards and impaling him on a large piece of rebar jutting from the ceiling. As Waylon drops, he is impaled further onto the rebar, killing him.