Jeremy Blaire

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Jeremy Blaire
Jeremy blaire knife.jpg

Death By
Dismembered by Walrider
Murkoff Corporation


Appears In
Outlast: Whisteblower
Voice Actor
Matt Holland

Jeremy Blaire was one of the Murkoff Corporation's leading officials, and is the main antagonist of both Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower, despite appearing in only the latter.


Blaire was incredibly dedicated to keeping the Morphogenic Project secret, and in doing so, enrolled anyone with any knowledge above what they needed or anyone even remotely suspected of trying to expose it in the Morphogenic Project. Additionally, he has tortured and murdered people for the same reasons. He has a personal investment in this, as exposure of even part of the project would result in Blaire, Murkoff, and various other executives would be tried for crimes against humanity.


Outlast: Whistleblower

Jeremy is first shown in the sever room in Block C of the Underground Lab. Here, he ambushes Waylon Park alongside the security guards. He mocks Waylon, saying he was stupid for thinking "a borrowed laptop, onion router and firewall patch" was enough to hide him from Murkoff. He breaks the laptop, and then asks Waylon if he wants to volunteer for the Morphogenic Engine project, to which he says no. Jeremy and the guards joke as if he said yes, and the guards beat him unconscious. Blaire exposes Waylon to the project, but he's ultimately freed when The Variants and The Walrider begin their slaughter.

Waylon makes his way to the short wave radio in the prison complex, but Blaire surprises him before he can finish his 911 call, striking him down. He attempts to strangle Waylon to death with his baton, and stops when he hears Chris Walker approaching. He flees, hoping Walker will kill Waylon, who instead evades him. At the front of the prison later, Waylon is tricked into helping Blaire, who stabs him before being ripped apart by the Walrider.