Lynn Langermann

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Blake Langermann


Lynn is one of the primary protagonists of Outlast 2.


Lynn Langermann is the wife of Blake Langermann. After their helicopter crashed outside a secluded village in Arizona, she was presumably kidnapped by cultists in the village. Due to Leaked Audio from the game it is confirmed that Lynn will be pregnant and giving birth at sometime in the game. Also there is music leaked from the game that can be found on a couple videos on YouTube. Outlast 2 will be releasing on March 2017.


  • "Tell me when we are good."
  • "Oh..."
  • "Here, let me try a version that can serve as intro for the whole piece"
  • ''"Did you see that?"
  • "Two weeks ago a young woman was found wandering, barefoot, pregnant, and alone on a barren stretch of highway a hundred miles from the nearest...."
  • "The fuck?"