Martin Archimbaud

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Father Martin Archimbaud

September 18th, 2013
Death By
Crucified and Immolated


Supporting Character
Appears In
Voice Actor
Andreas Apergis

"Father" Martin Archimbaud is a major character in Outlast and a patient at Mount Massive Asylum. He is the leader of a cult within the asylum that worships The Walrider and has a number of the asylum's patients under his command as followers. Father Martin was voiced by Andreas Apergis.


Martin is first seen after Chris Walker tries to kill Miles Upshur by throwing him through the atrium window. After Martin encounters Miles, an in-game document can be found describing a patient known as "Father" Martin Archimbaud, who began to suffer from delusions of grandeur, believing he was held to a higher calling after the cancellation of the asylum's art therapy program. The quotations around the word "Father" suggest that Marin is not actually a priest, but is simply delusional.


Archimbaud is a bald, slightly chubby old man in his sixties, who wears clothing somewhat resembling the traditional religious vestiges of the Catholic faith. He wears a make-shift priest's outfit consisting of a black robe fashioned from a straitjacket, with a large white cross on his chest fashioned from belts and buckles. He is the leader of a religion devoted to worshiping The Walrider and witnessing the violence and suffering it requires. He has a degree of control over a number of Variants as followers of his religion, including The Twins. There are many other Variants however, including Chris Walker and Richard Trager who are not under his leadership.

In Game

Father Martin is a balding man in his 60's and has a distinctive look, comprised of a black robe and a large white cross improvised out of belts and straps. He has delusions of grandeur, seeing himself as a prophet and missionary of his God, The Walrider. He believes himself to be doing "God's Work", and acts as a calm and humble man only doing his priestly duties. This is best evidenced by his apology to Miles after he sedates him, and his control over the other inmates which allows Miles free passage through certain parts of Mount Massive Asylum. He is dedicated to his faith beyond anything else, going so far as have himself crucified and immolated in order to be resurrected and set free of the asylum by the hands of The Walrider. While Martin seems to have relatively complete control over certain areas of the Asylum, he has zero control over numerous other patients and most notably Chris Walker, who continues to relentlessly hunt Miles despite Martin demanding his safety.

Martin is also responsible for the various hints given to Miles in the form of blood messages scrawled on the walls, and several of the collectable notes throughout the game are attributed to him.


There is a collectable document in the game that contains information about Father Martin. It describes him as suffering from Schizoaffective delusions of a "higher calling", which significantly worsened after the art therapy program he attended was halted by Murkoff. It is also hinted in the same document that his priestly title is self-appointed as part of his delusions, as the quotation marks around the word "Father" imply that it is not an official title. He could arguably be considered a priest of sorts though, considering that he does later go on to host his own religion surrounding the Walrider.


  • "And who are you, then?
  • "I... I see. Merciful god, you have sent me an apostle. Guard your life, son, you have a calling.
  • "I'm sorry, my son, I didn't want to have to do this to you. But you can't leave, not yet. There is so much yet for you to witness.
  • "Will you see it? Can you?
  • "Our lord, the Walrider tearing His truth into the unbelievers.
  • "The only way out of this place is the truth. Accept the gospel and all doors will open before you.
  • "Dear dying Lamb, they precious blood, shall never lose it power.
  • "Till all the ransomed church of God, be saved to sin no more.
  • "Thank god, you survived. I feared that secular maniac would carve you up like the others. Meet me outside, we're close now.
  • "You saw the Walrider, didn't you? You're beginning to understand, but not yet. Even Abraham had to cast his eyes to the ground. But soon, soon. This way. Revelation is at hand.
  • "Nearly here. You can cross from the upper floors.
  • "Pater non est Filius. Filius non est Spiritus. And Spiritus non Pater. Toto est Deus.
  • "You are. We will join the Walrider in just a moment.
  • "My job. You alone shall escape to tell them. This is your penultimate act of witness.
  • "The promise of the prophets was always freedom from death. And here it is.
  • "You will watch and record my death, my resurrection. And together we will be free.
  • "You are no longer in any danger. I've fixed the elevator. It will take you to freedom. We will all of us be free.
  • "Now, my son.