Morphogenic Engine Chamber Precautions

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MORPHOGENIC ENGINE CHAMBER MAINTENANCE SHEDULE To avoid patient injury, the Morphogenic Engine Life Pod requires a daily inspection of all Vital Systems.

VITAL SYSTEM 1: The enriched oxygenated perfluorocarbon from LIFE SUPPORT FLUID RESERVOIR must be continually flushed and replaced through the course of the patient's treatment. (Note that O.P. also supplies anesthetics, any interruption in supply will cause sufficient pain to the patient to potentially disrupt the experiment.)

VITAL SYSTEM 2: Electric supply is supplemented and ensured by the SUBLAB GENERATOR. Proper fueling and maintenance of the Sublab Generator should be confirmed hourly.

VITAL SYSTEM 3: In the case of catastrophic loss of Vitals Systems 1, and 2, the life pod FAILSAFE will engage, maintaining localized minimum life support functions until technicians can arrive. DISABLING FAILSAFE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE PATIENT TERMINATION.