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The Murkoff Corporation
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Antagonist; Corporation
Appears In
Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower

The Murkoff Corporation is a trans-national organization that is responsible for the experimentation on The Variants of Mount Massive Asylum. They seem driven by the creation of a super-weapon, and are as unscrupulous as they are terrifying.


The Murkoff Corporation is a company steeped in mystery and intrigue. They are responsible for the re-opening of the Mount Massive Asylum and the implementation of the Walrider Project within. Under the guise of a charitable organization, the Murkoff Corporation began experimenting with inmates utilizing data from the governmental MKULTRA program in an attempt to develop a superweapon. The patients responded to this experimentation by becoming what were known as Variants. The most famous of these variants, Billy Hope, eventually became host to the Walrider, despite various lawsuits by Billy's mother attempting to secure his freedom.


The corporation is split into several distinct divisions.

  • Murkoff Hardline Security (M.H.S.) unit is responsible for the deployment of their security forces during viral outbreaks or other corporate containment operations, and deployed to Mount Massive during the Walrider outbreak.
  • Murkoff Research & Development (M.R.D.) is the branch that is responsible for the development and implementation of the Walrider Project.
  • Murkoff Psychiatric Systems is the group of doctors, scientists, and orderlies that oversaw the medical side of Project Walider at Mount Massive.

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