Project Walrider Patient Status Report for Chris Walker

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Mount Massive CO

Case Number: 136

Patient Initials: CLW, “Walker”

Consultations Dated: 2013.05.28

Initial Date of Patient Consult: 2011.01.28

Patient Age: 32

Gender: Male

Observing Physician: Dr. Rudolf Wernicke

(notation by Dr. Walsh)


Morphogenic Engine activity plateaued at roughly 2000 ppm. Unsafe to progress beyond stage 3 hormone schedule.


Spirometry revealed light-to-medium bronchial accumulation. MRI scans consistent with patient’s reported dreams.


Walker was interviewed in restraints, following his self-inflicted mutilations. Restraint have had to be altered to accommodate his enormous size.

Extensive dermal eruptions as consistent with failed Morphogenic Engine cellular activity. He claims the skin ripped from his forehead allows for a truer way of seeing, seems to have some boyhood experience with Tuatara Lizards and their parietal eyes. He has expresses anxiety about his flesh, specifically around his lips and nose. Attending orderlies should be advised to watch for further self-mutilation.

The mental traumas he sustained while serving in Afghanistan seem to be retarding progressions of the M.E. Process. His predominant fixation, amplified by therapy, is a manic exaggeration of military security protocol. A continuation of both chemical and physical restraints is highly recommended.