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Security Guards

The Murkoff Corporation


Appears In
Outlast, Outlast: Whistleblower

Security Guards are a form of Murkoff's various Security Forces instructed to protect Mount Massive Asylum in the event of a patient breakout at all costs. Due to security guards needing an extremely high security clearance to be able to be protected with decent weaponry, a high amount of the security guards have to use just their muscles and their fists to defend themselves, leading to their deaths in very large numbers and the ultimate failure of their job to protect the asylum. They are often addressed by characters, such as Steve and Jeremy Blaire as "agent."

Appearance and Characteristics

Mount Massive Asylum's security guards were well-built and considerably strong but they were overpowered by its inmates and the Walrider. Most if not all of them perished in the slaughter, even the small percentage that had access to firearms.

The guards' attire vary from a white or light blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up, an undershirt, dark blue, beige or grey slacks, brown belt and matching brown shoes to a light blue short sleeve police shirt, matching black pants, shoes and tie, duty belt, police cap, as well as a badge on their sleeves. Whenever a patient was being escorted to the Morphogenic Engine room, all personnel would wear a hazard suit to protect them from the machine's effects.

The guards' primary equipment included standard security gear such as nightsticks, handcuffs, and handheld radios. Guards with a very high security clearance had access to firearms such as the Colt M4A1.