Sullivan Knoth

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Sullivan Knoth
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Sullivan Knoth is a character appearing in Outlast II.


Knoth was born in 1933. In his early life, he worked as a shoe salesman in New Mexico. Because of his financial problems, he was faced with liens and was about to lose his property. In desperation, he turned to a late-night evangelical radio station, but was sickened with the sermon. Underneath it all, however, he heard a static and growing noise, which he claimed to be the voice of God speaking the truth to him. The voice told him God was displeased with the churches of the world, and that he would be his new prophet. Knoth walked outside, and saw Prophet Ezekiel, an angel with many faces crowned in fire, surrounded by wheels nested in wheels. He saw himself as the leader of a few into Paradise in the end of days.

With this, he abandoned his possessions and debts, and turned into a street preacher. He attracted many converts, and those who felt lost began to flock to his firey sermons. His followers gave everything they owned to the new church under Knoth, the "Testament of the New Ezekiel". They purchased a rang from Lydia Degan, and relocated, where Knoth received more words from God and wrote a book of verses known as the Gospel of Knoth. During this time, he encourage sexual promiscuity in order to build his flock. He personally delivered each child, and even bore a few of his own. The New Mexican police responded to these home births and cracked down on the site, raiding it. Knoth and his faithful few barely escaped, and the Church's properties were siezed.

Filled with purpose, Sullivan abandoned all his earthly possessions and started preaching in the streets of Albuquerque. His passion inspired people who were lost in the world and they flocked to him for guidance. Over the passing years, he had dozens of followers, all of whom had donated their possessions to the nascent church dubbed "Testament of the New Ezekiel". They lived communally on a luxury ranch owned by a wealthy woman named Lydia Degan. Sullivan continued to receive messages from God, which he faithfully recorded in a book of verse he called "The Gospel of Knoth".

Knoth began to see vision of the prophets Abraham and Moses, and climbed a mountain to commune with God. On the mountaintop, God commanded him to sacrifice his left eye in exchange for divine vision. Knoth slit his left eyeball open, and saw the destiny of the Church of Ezekiel. He saw a secluded, abandoned town in the forests of Arizona, where the Testament of the New Ezekiel could flourish. He called this town Temple Gate, taking his followers there in the summer of 1969.


Sullivan is overweight. He appears to be around 60 or 70 years of age. He has brown eyes, with a scar across his left. He has shoulder length, receding hair. He is wearing green robes, a stole with this cross types, and two cross around his neck. The secondary, larger cross, is modified to look like the cult's insignia.