The Spirit Breach

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(Translated from German)



Reichsleiter Lohner and

Dr. Med. Rogge

I have pressing news concerning the ongoing work of Dr. Rudolph Wernicke in his development of the Morphogenic Engine, expanding on theories developed during his brief but unfortunate relationship with A. Turing.

If I had not witnessed it myself, I would not believe it had happened. But beyond even the promise in celluar regeneration and guided cancerogeneration, I believe Wernicke's method has breached the spiritual realm. Something has crossed from the other side. I personally witnessed the appearance of an apparition. Briefly, but undeniably so.

Please forward my note, and invitation to witness further experiements to Dietrich Eckart. I do not doubt that the Fuhrer himself may need be made aware of our discoveries.

It is my opinion that Dr. Wernicke's successes represent an enormous opportunity for our cause and the German people, and are obviously sufficient reasons to keep him out of any sort of culling program. Regards to your family.

(signature illegible)